• Mango Milk Shake/Smoothie (Without Yogurt)

    Mango Milk Shake/Smoothie (Without Yogurt)

    Mangoes taste so good and they are also healthy. Mango milkshakes are among the most popular drinks in India especially during summer. A quite simple and delicious recipe using the pulp which you can easily whip up at home. Notes:

  • Rose Apple / Chambakka Wine

    Rose Apple / Chambakka Wine

    Something that everyone falls in love :) One of the best way to make use of rose apples in its season! This recipe is adapted from my mom. And it is well appreciated by family and friends. Notes Make sure that container/jar is well cleaned and dried.

  • Indian chai / tea

    Indian chai / tea

    This Indian chai is fav among a ton of my American friends. Every time I make this for someone, they look at me like an Illy barista. I feigned authority over this for a long time, but time to reveal the secret. A lot of this has to do with ...

  • Gin punch, the airbnb way.

    Gin punch, the airbnb way.

    A simple gin punch by Bo at the Airbnb happy hour.

  • Lemon Syrup

    Lemon Syrup

    Prepare a refreshing drink in no time. Dilute lemon syrup with water to make wonderful lemonade. This syrup can be refrigerated , airtight , upto 2 months. Recipe adapted from my mom :)

  • Indian Tea

    Indian Tea

    Tea, the Indian way