• Beef Kheema

    Beef Kheema

    When I came over to the States, among the most surprising part was the grocery prices. In India, vegetables cost 1/5 or less than the price of meat and poultry but in the US you can get a pound of ground beef for $4 and a pound of tomatoes will ...

  • Kerala Style Beans stir fry with coconut (Beans Thoran)

    Kerala Style Beans stir fry with coconut (Beans Thoran)

    Kerala style beans stir fry with coconut, garlic and green chilly. A simple and healthy dish that can be served with rice. It's also called as "beans upperi" in the central part of Kerala. One of the side dishes for Kerala Onam Sadya :) Coconut is the key ingredient in ...

  • Coorg / Kodava style Pork / Pandi curry

    Coorg / Kodava style Pork / Pandi curry

    Rich dark pork curryfilled with slightly chewy bits of meat and sudden surprises of tamarind and peppery bits.I have always been fond of my aunt’s Pork curry which she learned from a Coorgi friend. I gave an attempt and it came out delicious :) It goes well with‘akki roti’ (rice ...

  • Cilantro chicken curry with Yogurt

    Cilantro chicken curry with Yogurt

    I made this for my American friend who did not want it very spicy. Instead of spurting mustard we've used cumin and there is no chilly powder at all. Coconut milk was added at last for the gravy and a little bit of water to dilute it. Use the coconut ...

  • Shakshuka Israeli Dish

    Shakshuka Israeli Dish

    A moroccon dish usually served with pita bread for breakfast.

  • Chicken Biriyani ( Kerala Style)

    Chicken Biriyani ( Kerala Style)

    An Indian one pot meal. Chicken marinated and cooked with spices and layered with rice. Nadan chicken biriyani is one of my favorites. An easy, quick, tasty and delicious Kerala chicken biriyani recipe. Notes: 1. Another way of rice preparation with few changes from the recipe - Don't soak rice ...