• Kerala Style Appam (Rice and coconut pancake)

    Kerala Style Appam (Rice and coconut pancake)

    Easy, soft and fluffy Appam made with fermented rice and coconut batter. An all time favorite breakfast :) It's best served with chicken/mutton/vegetable stew or fish molly and a staple diet in a Kerala home.

  • Rose Apple / Chambakka Wine

    Rose Apple / Chambakka Wine

    Something that everyone falls in love :) One of the best way to make use of rose apples in its season! This recipe is adapted from my mom. And it is well appreciated by family and friends. Notes Make sure that container/jar is well cleaned and dried.

  • Peasant Bread

    Peasant Bread

    Baking bread at home has two advantages. One it wakes up everyone. The aroma fill the whole town. Its like walking down a quaint German street. Two, you don’t have to get your better half to go running for bread to walmart at night. This bread unlike a baguette or ...