• Kerala Style Sambar

    Kerala Style Sambar

    A lentil based vegetable stew cooked with spices and tamarind pulp. A South Indian delicacy. It tastes so good with dosa, idli and rice. This is my own evolved kinda sambar recipe with tips taken from my mom and my friends :)

  • Coorg / Kodava style Pork / Pandi curry

    Coorg / Kodava style Pork / Pandi curry

    Rich dark pork curryfilled with slightly chewy bits of meat and sudden surprises of tamarind and peppery bits.I have always been fond of my aunt’s Pork curry which she learned from a Coorgi friend. I gave an attempt and it came out delicious :) It goes well with‘akki roti’ (rice ...

  • Coconut chutney

    Coconut chutney

    Quick chutney recipe which goes well with dosas , idlis