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Welcome to A Little Bit of Spice.

The little kitchen, the one you see above is where all the magic happens. We live in the South of Bay Area, California, started this blog in 2013 and has since been featured in

Purewow, Buzzfeed, Indian Express, The Hindu and others.


On the right, that’s us during Eva, our one-year-old daughter’s birthday. On the left is me, Jane.

A Little bit of spice gets 1.4 million unique users in a year, spread across US, India, UK, and other countries.

As a family, we cook a lot with Cherry experimenting with Indian American recipes and Jane mostly Indian. We take our craft with pride and make sure our recipes are articulated well with step by step images for each of them.

Jane’s fanatically obsessed about getting the recipe measurements right and she goes a long distance to ensure the accuracy while Cherian is a bit more lazy and relies on the kitchen magic.

We grew up in the beautiful state of Kerala, worked a bit in Bangalore and now moved to the Bay Area, California. You’d think our tastes would have matured by now, but it’s quite the contrary. We think California has more and better Indian ingredients than Kerala. We’ve found the best curry leaves in San Jose Indian stores and cheaper black pomfrets in Seafood City, Milpitas.

We are kitchen geeks and spend a ridiculous part of our budget for new gadgets, ingredients, and gardening.

So dear reader, the fact that you are here means much to us. If you are going to try one of the recipes, contribute a picture or comment. That’ll keep us motivated. If you’d like us to try experiment a recipe, or help you out, ping us via the contact page or email us via janeandcherian@alittlebitofspice.com . We respond to all thoughtful messages.

All of our recipes are accessible from the Recipe Index.

Reach us via the Contact Form. If you have general questions or request for recipes, please post them on our forum

While you here, take a look at our gallery for a sneak peek into our lives.

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