The first time I was in the country and I needed to do some essential cooking, I checked out Safeway.

Born in country where a half-pound pepper tin would be used in a fortnight and bought at dollar a pound, I was stunned looking at the five dollar fifty grams McCormik cans.

It didn’t take me much to figure out the closest Indian store. The closest to mine is Taj Mahal Imports.

Indian/Pakistani stores sell spices in packs and boxes. They charge you by the pound and cost in single dollars (mostly). They don’t look pretty and polished but they deliver.

Here are some of the common spices and their prices .

Rosemary $ 12/lb
Onion powder $5.99/lb
Mint crushed $5.96/lb
Tarragon $19.9/lb etc.

And not just that, Indian stores are a one-stop for just about every spice and condiment.

Next time, make a trip and stock up.

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