This is inspired from Mareena’s experiement. Meringues always been among my favorites for their ease of cooking and I’ve been planning to bake a walnut meringue for quite some time now.
The end result tastes incredible but be warned the meringue can end up sticking to your baking pan and you probably wont end up with a Pinterest image


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    meringue For the
    sugar granulated
    6 tablespoons
    For the caramel
    1/2 cup
    1/4 cup


    1. Lets make the caramel first. You need to cool this down in the pan before adding the meringue.
    2. In a saucepan add the sugar for the caramel and the water. On a flame, stir to dissolve it and continue till the sugar melts to golden light brown. Be very careful at this point and don’t take it to the dark stage. Remove from the flame. The residual heat will caramelize it further.
    3. At the point when the sugar is light brown or golden pour and spread this into the baking pan. Spread it evenly. Do this fast before the sugar crystallizes back.
    4. Keep the pan aside to cool.
    5. Separate the whites from the yolks. Ensure you DON’T have any moisture in your hand.
    6. Add the whites to the blender and start whisking. Slowly add the granulated sugar tablespoon by tablespoon as you watch the white slowly starting to form peaks and becoming stiff.
    7. Once you have added all the sugar and whisked this into submission, move it from the blende into the baking pan(which has the caramel). With a spatula spread it over like cake batter - evenly without any gaps
    8. Preheat the oven to 180 centigrade and keep the pan over a grill for precisely 10 minutes.
    9. Once the baking is over, do not open the oven. Keep it in there for the next 1.5-2 hours. The heat in the oven warms cooks the meringue inside out and crusts the top.
    10. After 2 hours separate the meringue from the sides of the pan and transfer it to another plate by turning it upside down.
    11. The top layer will now have the melted caramel and the insides will be white.
    12. Enjoy. This tastes like cotton candy. It’ll be over before you know it.


    Pretty important that you keep the meringue in the oven for 2 hours after baking. The residual heat cooks the meringue.
    Use a deep-dish oven pan and fill only to half. During the baking the meringue will rise twice over and then collapses when cooled.
    Like with all meringues make sure there is no water in the beater or the pan that holds the white. Even a drop of water will prevent the eggs from fluffing up.
    Use sugar to your liking but don’t go below one tablespoon per egg.
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