• Omelette roll stuffed with cashew cilantro paste (Egg pinwheels)

    Omelette roll stuffed with cashew cilantro paste (Egg pinwheels)

    Omelet would be the easiest dish that you can make any time. These rolls are amazing and taste so delicious with the cashew, coriander/cilantro, and coconut paste stuffing. An easy snack that you can whip up and serve guest quickly. You just need all the ingredients in hand. Thanks Preetha aunty for sharing this wonderful recipe. :) Make sure that you use the right sized pan. You won't be able to roll if omelet turns too thick.

  • Beef Kheema

    Beef Kheema

    When I came over to the States, among the most surprising part was the grocery prices. In India, vegetables cost 1/5 or less than the price of meat and poultry but in the US you can get a pound of ground beef for $4 and a pound of tomatoes will cost the half at Safeway. It makes me wonder if these economics push people to eat just meat and carbs. The typical Indian family probably has 2-3 curries and roti/rice for lunch. And all these curries together won't cost anything close to a chicken side-dish. So when you get ground...

  • Mango Milk Shake/Smoothie (Without Yogurt)

    Mango Milk Shake/Smoothie (Without Yogurt)

    Mangoes taste so good and they are also healthy. Mango milkshakes are among the most popular drinks in India especially during summer. A quite simple and delicious recipe using the pulp which you can easily whip up at home. Notes:

  • Kerala Egg Roast (Nadan mutta roast)

    Kerala Egg Roast (Nadan mutta roast)

    Boiled eggs cooked in spicy onion tomato masala gravy. One of the easy and tasty side dish that you can prepare very quickly. Mostly served for breakfast with Appam(Rice and Coconut pancake) or Noolappam or Puttu. Also tastes great with roti or any Indian bread.

  • Where to buy spices if you are in the United States

    Where to buy spices if you are in the United States

    The first time I was in the country and I needed to do some essential cooking, I checked out Safeway. Born in country where a half-pound pepper tin would be used in a fortnight and bought at dollar a pound, I was stunned looking at the five dollar fifty grams McCormik cans.

  • Kerala Beef Cutlet / Croquette

    Kerala Beef Cutlet / Croquette

    Beef cooked with spices, dipped in an egg mix and then in breadcrumbs and deep fried. A great snack that you can have anytime. An appetizer never missed out at parties especially in a Kerala Christian home.

  • Kerala Style Mutton Stew

    Kerala Style Mutton Stew

    Mutton simmered in coconut milk with onion, ginger- garlic and spices. Appam with mutton Stew is one of my favorite breakfast. Great combination with Idiyappam, puttu and bread also.

  • Kerala Style Appam (Rice and coconut pancake)

    Kerala Style Appam (Rice and coconut pancake)

    Easy, soft and fluffy Appam made with fermented rice and coconut batter. An all time favorite breakfast :) It's best served with chicken/mutton/vegetable stew or fish molly and a staple diet in a Kerala home.

  • Kerala Style Fish Fry ( Meen varuthathu)

    Kerala Style Fish Fry ( Meen varuthathu)

    Fish steaks marinated with spices and then shallow fried. A very common dish at a South Indian home. It's an easy and a great appetizer and also goes well with rice. I used pomfret for the fish fry. You can also use king fish, seer fish, salmon, tilapia and other fishes for the same recipe. You can replace coconut oil with vegetable oil. Use coconut oil for authentic taste.

  • Indo Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

    Indo Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

    Chicken and vegetables cooked in a sauce combo and then mixed with rice. One another easy and most popular Indo Chinese style fried rice recipe to make at home. It's loaded with plenty of chicken and veggies and an easy one to prepare even on a hectic day. Notes: 1) Instead of onion, you can also use the white part of spring onions. And use green part of spring onion for garnishing.