• Beef Kheema

    Beef Kheema

    When I came over to the States, among the most surprising part was the grocery prices. In India, vegetables cost 1/5 or less than the price of meat and poultry but in the US you can get a pound of ground beef for $4 and a pound of tomatoes will ...

  • Kerala Beef Cutlet / Croquette

    Kerala Beef Cutlet / Croquette

    Beef cooked with spices, dipped in an egg mix and then in breadcrumbs and deep fried. A great snack that you can have anytime. An appetizer never missed out at parties especially in a Kerala Christian home.

  • Kerala Style Kappa (Tapioca) Biriyani

    Kerala Style Kappa (Tapioca) Biriyani

    Quite easy and delicious authentic Kerala dish! Tapioca cooked, mashed and combined with beef, meat masala and fried coconut. Adapted from mariasmenu.com.

  • Beef Biriyani (Kerala Style)

    Beef Biriyani (Kerala Style)

    An Indian one pot meal. Beef cooked in spicy masala gravy and layeredwith cooked rice. A very tasty and delicious biriyani. Eventhough it takes time, definitely worth the effort!

  • Beef curry with potato and coconut milk

    Beef curry with potato and coconut milk

    This is an easy peasy beef curry. To be frank, I always prepare it with the leftover beef from previous day. It is well flavored with potato, coconut milk and the spices.This goes well with bread, chapathi, pathiri and appam. Beef should be cooked just with salt and turmeric powder. ...

  • Beef curry (Kerala style)

    Beef curry (Kerala style)

    This is an easy and delicious Kerala style beef curry. Spicy nadan Beef curry preparation :) It goes well well with ghee rice, appam, parotta, puttu, and chappathi.

  • Beef Fry - Kerala style Beef Ularthiyathu with Thenga Kothu

    Beef Fry - Kerala style Beef Ularthiyathu with Thenga Kothu

    One of the favourite dish of Malayalees. Goes good with rice and a great touchings for alcohol